What we do

“Great things are done by a series of small things that are brought together”Vincent Van Gogh

KindheART is a registered charity that organises Art and Culture events to raise much needed funds to help transform the lives of children, young adults and young women.

Established since 2017, KindheART has grown in both scope and scale, with our Art and Culture events reaching a much wider community in London and its surrounding areas.

Our events are unique and bring together like-minded individuals who are interested in learning and broadening their knowledge.

All events provide attendees with unique opportunities of learning including better insights into the worlds best artists and exhibitions from specialist speakers, leading experts and curators. There is always a social element to the events (including a sumptuous lunch or dinner), providing attendees with an opportunity to socialise, engage in though-provoking discussions, exchange ideas and opinions.

  • Learn How and Why particular Artworks have been chosen
  • Delve Deeper into the Lives and History behind some of the worlds most celebrated Artists
  • Hear the stories behind some of the best and biggest exhibitions

We draw on the wealth of knowledge and expertise of the Curators and Academics who provide the insights to the best Art & Culture events and exhibitions in and around London.

Our Achievements

Since 2017, we are changing lives, giving our recipients a brighter tomorrow

Schoolgirls had a years supply of sanitary towels

Cerebral palsy wheelchairs donated enabling children to attend school and lead a normal life again

Wheelchairs donated by one single donor

Children were equipped with an aesthetic leg through the Jaipur Foot programme in India and Kenya

Orphan children from two orphanages in Kenya, some HIV positive were sponsored through primary education

Orphan children sponsored by one single donor

Fresh healthy meals distributed throughout the pandemic in slum areas of Africa

Sewing machines and tailoring materials donated for a tailoring school for women in the slums of Dandora , Kenya

Our Charitable Causes

KindheART’s aim is to help change communities, prevent poverty, provide relief from poverty and improve the quality of lives of children and young women who suffer as a result of their situation with no hope to better themselves without outside assistance. We do this by the provision of grants to smaller charities and non-governmental organisations who share our vision.

Each and every cause we support is personally vetted by us and we only work with people we know and have faith in on the ground to deliver our projects.

We ensure your donations and funds raised from our events are distributed in full with virtually no administration costs.

Our aim is to brighten the lives of all children, including those suffering as a result of terminal illness or being abandoned and having to fend for themselves.

In the last few years we have

Helped the NHS through the covid crisis.

Supported childrens hospices including Noahs Ark which look after children with life threatening illness.

Worked with Gawa Kenya ( https://gawa.ke/) in Nairobi, Kenya to distribute 1000s of freshly cooked nutritious meals in the most deprived areas of the city to those who are unable to cook for themselves – mainly those who are homeless, elderly, disabled, sick, child-led families, single new mothers, aged and disabled.

Built our first computer lab in Kenya for children to access E-Learning through the provision of a safe space with 12 reconditioned computers.

Supported a local charity in Hertfordshire UK in their efforts to train and employ children with disability.

Supported Children in Action Uk to buy and distribute christmas presents for children in care.

Started a sewing school for women in slums of Kenya to become self-sufficient.

Sponsored orphan children through primary schooling in Kenya.

Home-schooled girls from slums of India to become literate and leaders in their home and community.

Provided stationery and books to several communities in the slums of India and Africa

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